They told you stories...

Now you can tell theirs.

What did your grandparents do for a living?

What did they teach you about work?

How did their jobs

shape who you are today?

Join us in honoring our grandparents…

by sharing stories, photos and memories…

of the way they worked.

Honoring Our Grandparents

through stories of the way they worked

What did your grandparents do for a living?


What did your grandparents teach you about work?


How did your grandparents work lives shape who you are today?


Work is a huge part of our lives, from the jobs we do to the skills we develop and the careers we try to build. And just as significantly, the jobs that our grandparents had play a huge role in our family history, setting us on a path to who we’ve each become. While the world of work has changed dramatically from one generation to the next, what hasn’t changed is why we work – to earn a decent living, to take care of our loved ones, and to retire with dignity.

As we celebrate Labor Day and Grandparents Day in the same week, we want to take a look back at the jobs and hard work of our grandparents.

Join us in honoring our grandparents by sharing a photo or quick story about the way they worked »


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Stories of the Way They Worked

Take a look back.

Caregiving as a Value

My grandmother worked in a clinic for government employees in Taiwan for over 40 years, first as a nurse and eventually as a clinic administrator. She has an energy about her; her spirit is incredibly active. Even when she’s simply listening, she’s... read more

Let Your Work Speak for Itself

Remember the cafeteria lady at your high school? That was my grandmother, Juanita Lavelle Shuler. She raised five children and worked full time to support the family, as my grandfather was disabled. She was hard working and took her responsibilities very seriously.... read more

Why Jobs and Lives with Dignity Matter

My grandfather was a laborer at R.T. French & Company in Rochester, NY, loading and unloading freight cars, and then working in the spices and birdseed areas where he prepared those commodities for mixing and packaging. It was hard, physical labor. He died at age... read more

Ernest McKibben and The Power of Community

My grandfather, Ernest McKibben, was a doctor in a small town in what was then the remote state of Washington. He was the only doctor in town, and there’s a picture of him somewhere surrounded by hundreds of people at a party in his honor. They’re all wearing t-shirts... read more

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